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  • Vertical Expansion Machine
Vertical Expansion Machine

Vertical Expansion Machine

The vertical expansion is specially used for fin type heat exchanger. In one working cycle the machine can expand the tube inside and tube mouth, and also can fold-edge.
VEM1000 Type; VEM1200 Type: The expansion cylinders are placed above the expansion bars, which is a special tube expansion equipment for large-scale air conditioner production. 
VEM1600, VEM2000 and VEM2500 Type: The expansion cylinders are placed inside the machine body. The expansion force is transmitted through the force transmission stand. This machine type can reduce the overall machine height, normally used for tube expansion of central air-conditioner and ceiling type air conditioner heat exchangers.


Vertical Expansion Machine 

Heat Exchanger Specification 

Normal copper tube outer diameter (mm)  

7mm, 7.94mm,9.52mm 

Normal fin thickness (mm) 


Length (mm) 


Row quantity 


Max holes per row (based on hole-to-hole distance at 25mm)  


 Expansion speed 

Fast speed (m/min) 


Slow speed (m/min) 


Oil pump motor power (kw) 


Oil cylinder diameter (mm)  

Diameter 160/180/200 

Hydraulic oil 


Lubrication oil 

Mechanical oil ISOVG22-32 

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