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Car radiator structure

Automotive radiators are an indispensable part of the automotive water-cooled engine cooling system and are moving towards light, efficient and economical. The structure of the car radiator is also constantly adapting to new developments.
The tube-type radiator core is composed of a plurality of thin cooling tubes and fins. The cooling tubes are mostly flat and circular in cross section to reduce air resistance and increase heat transfer area.
The radiator core should have sufficient flow area to allow coolant to pass through, and should also have sufficient air flow area to allow sufficient air to pass through to remove the heat transferred to the radiator by the coolant. At the same time, it must have sufficient heat dissipation area to complete the heat exchange between the coolant, air and heat sink.
The tube-and-belt heat sink is formed by welding a corrugated heat-dissipating belt and a cooling tube.
Compared with the tube-type heat sink, the tube-type heat sink can increase the heat-dissipation area by about 12% under the same conditions. In addition, the heat-dissipating belt is provided with a louver-like hole that disturbs the airflow to destroy the flowing air on the surface of the heat dissipation belt. The upper adhesion layer improves heat dissipation.

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