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Air conditioner parallel flow condenser

  • A parallel flow condenser relates to a condenser for an automobile air conditioner, and more particularly to a profiled parallel flow condenser for a car air conditioner. The utility model is based on the prior art, the long header which is sealed at the end is installed on one side of the condenser, and the short collecting tube which is sealed at the end is installed on the other side of the condenser, and is long The collecting tubes are opposite and parallel to each other, and the short collecting tubes and the short collecting tubes are staggered from each other; the porous flat tubes parallel to each other are fixedly connected between the long collecting tubes and the short collecting tubes, and the porous flat tubes are respectively long and long The collecting pipe is connected to the short collecting pipe. When the automobile is idling, the refrigeration device can continue to work to ensure the cooling effect inside the vehicle; increase the cooling capacity of the automobile refrigeration device; indirectly improve the heat dissipation of the automobile water tank, ensure that the automobile water tank does not boil, and enable the automobile to continuously drive. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation and good cooling effect, and can fully utilize the installation space.
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