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Fin stamping machineFin stamping machine

Fin stamping machine

Introduction to the Fin stamping machine

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Our company produces the Fin stamping machine is a key element processing heat exchanger, heat transfer of fin special processing equipment. Such finned heat transfer is adopted to form the compact heat exchanger products have been in the automotive, Marine, air conditioner, compressor, engineering machinery, mining machinery, aviation, war industry and many fields such as hydraulic oil cooling industry line to the increasingly extensive application.
This company produces the molding compared with similar products has the following advantages:
1. in the spindle. Place the spindle center, can reduce power transmission components, in order to reduce the power loss in the process of transmission; At the same time can improve accuracy of machine tool.
2. high precision. Lower die set the limit position of pingdu and die set pingdu were higher than similar products in the process of movement, to ensure the machine performance is stable.
3. automatic lubrication system. Design has a unique automatic lubrication system, in order to reduce machine tool wear.
4. stepless adjustment. To realize stepless adjustment, breakthrough the limitation of traditional mechanical speed gear less.
5. compact structure, convenient operation. With traditional structure optimization, structure more reasonable, the operation is more convenient. Also designed a unique mold high institutions, so as to realize a person easily to debug the mould.
6. high efficiency, low power consumption, and stable performance. Accuracy of ascension, wear reduction and structure optimization to promote the efficiency of the machine as a whole, more stable performance. In the case of coining enough, the machine adopts the 3 kw motor, thus reducing power consumption, save the cost.
7. convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. Machine parts is the most concise structure optimization, so convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.
8. structured design. Structured design according to the need to replace all kinds of moulds, fin shape in processing different specifications.

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